As a person who runs a small business, you may have the feeling of a jack lifting all trades. As the owner of the small business, you will have a lot of responsibilities to take care of such as: monitoring the finance of the business, marketing of yourself and the company in order to improve the growth of your business, and also managing your employees. Many people who also run small businesses are often stressed out because of the heavy responsibility which they oversee, and they may not even have the tendency to engage in a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaign. Well, if an SEO campaign is being managed properly, it can result in increased revenue and improvement of the visibility of business online. Now, let us talk about some of the factors which make SEO so important to SME’s.

Below are some of the reasons why SEO is so important to small businesses:

  1. Increase Brand Recognition

  2. Generates Quality Customers

  3. Gives a fighting chance to small businesses

  4. Relatively inexpensive

Now, let us talk about these factors one after the other.

  • SEO helps to increase the Recognition of a Brand

SEO is being created in a way that it can improve the accessibility of your website on search engines when enchanting to the people making use of search engines. The very traffic which the sear engines drag to your site is being known as organic traffic. The recognition of your brand is raised by drawing more traffic (organic) to your website. Brand recognition is very much important, most especially to a newly created business seeking more visibility. SEO is a very effective tool which can increase your visibility to your potential customers who have made up their mind to buy your products or the services which you render, but they have heard nothing about your brand.

  • Search Engine OPTIMISATION helps in generating more quality customers

Every business owner needs to be efficient in order to be successful. Efficiency is needed most, especially while dealing with the sheet you use for profit and loss. Let us think a bit about the advertisement for TV. In order to reach a large number of audiences, a person needs to spend much on the advertisement for the TV. Nevertheless, not the whole audience will end up being your customer; only a few will qualify. This is what makes SEO so different because it will connect you directly to more quality customers without having to spend much before you can reach the audience which you have targeted.

Organic traffic often improves the number of people visiting the website of a company. For this reason, the appropriate optimisation of your website is very important. If you fail to optimise your website, you will be restricted from getting qualified people visiting your site, and you will not get the revenue attached to the visitors.

Small business SEO
  • Search Engine OPTIMISATION gives a fighting chance to businesses of small scale

Since there is always a competition amongst many businesses, you will also be in competition with other businesses or even global organisation. For example, let us claim you are the owner of one coffee shop. Is it even possible to be in competition with an international coffee organisation? It is very much possible with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). SEO will offer you the opportunity you desire. If your site is being properly optimised, then people who are searching for a coffee shop online will also see your business along with the other bigger businesses. Search Engine Optimisation gives a fighting chance to businesses of small scale, making them visible to more quality customers and stealing the market revenue from the bigger businesses you are competing together with.

  • Search Engine OPTIMISATION (SEO) is relatively Inexpensive

SEO can be counted among the best investments which an individual can make in order to improve the growth of his business. There are various platforms of online marketing, but SEO is the best because it will give you a long-lasting result. If you just started running a new business, it is very important you build a solid Search Engine Optimisation foundation in order for your business to be ranked and listed alongside other larger online businesses. This can be done by organising the structure of your site, making a good design of your site to entice your audience and provide them with the perfect experience, and also optimising your Meta descriptions for your page. This is not where it ends. SEO is undergoing constant evolution. You may be required to hire a professional who can assist you by devoting his whole time to ensure the growth of your business.

Apart from just engaging you in a competition, SEO will empower you to pinpoint and highlight your unique services even when there is high completion in the market.

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